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Eight key points of attention in the selection of lubricatinAdd time:2016-12-14
Selection of lubricating grease, which should be considered friction conditions (load, speed, temperature), working condition (continuous operation, intermittent operation, no vibration and impact) and working environment (temperature, humidity, air pollution etc.).
1) the temperature of the grease should be at least 20 to 30 degrees lower than the drop point
In the use of high temperature, should choose good oxidation resistance, evaporation loss and drop point of high fat; in the use of low temperature, should choose low start moment, similar to the viscosity of small fat, such as the base oil with oil.
2) the selected grease should be adapted to the use of the friction pairs
At high speed, to be made of low viscosity base oil of lubricating grease cone penetration; for low speed with grease, grease should choose high grade cone made of high viscosity base oil.
3) the grease should be adapted to the size of the load.
When heavy load, should choose the base oil viscosity is high, the consistency of high content of grease. The load is too large, should pay attention to the choice with extreme pressure additives or fillers (graphite, MoS2) grease; low load, grease is generally used 2 consistency soap fiber structure is short, medium viscosity base oil.
4) the selected grease should be adapted to the environment conditions used.
Contact with water in the air or humid environment, should be used as calcium, lithium, lithium complex base of water resistance grease; dust for a long time, should choose a thick (i.e., some brands of high fat), such good sealing, can prevent impurities mixed friction.
In the environment of strong chemical medium should be used, such as synthetic oily fluorocarbon grease such chemical resistant grease.
5) the grease should be adapted to the grease supply mode of the friction pair.
A centralized grease, should choose 00 ~ 1 grease; for regular grease gun, grease cup grease filling parts, should choose 1 ~ 3 grease; for long-term use without change in fat position, should choose 2 or 3 grease.
6) the grease should be adapted to the working state of the friction pair.
If the vibration is large when using high viscosity, adhesion and good vibration of fat, such as high viscosity naphthenic base lubricating oil or mixed thickener complex soap grease.
7) the selected grease should be adapted to the purpose.
For lubricating fat according to the friction type, working conditions, work status, environmental conditions and grease the different ways and specific selection; for the protection of the fat, can effectively protect metals from corrosion, such as mechanical protection and water contact, should choose the adhesion ability, water resistance the ability of large aluminum base grease; general protection grease can be used solid hydrocarbon thickening high viscosity base oil made from fat. For sealing with grease, should pay attention to its resistance to the performance of sealed medium solvent.
8) the grease should be as far as possible to ensure that the variety of fat reduction, improve economic efficiency.
In order to meet the requirements, try to use lithium grease, complex soap grease, polyurea grease effect universal grease. In this way, it can reduce the fat variety, simplify the management of the fat, and can reduce the cost of the use of the fat, and reduce the maintenance cost because of the long service life of the multi effect grease.