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Hinge can be used instead of lubricating grease?Add time:2017-02-18
Some customers think the hinges can be used instead of lubricating grease, this really okay? Dongying City, Longhai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. manufacturers tell you, in order to make the hinge work can reduce wear, silencing and maintain lubrication, must select grease.
Hinge / hinge grease, colorless and transparent, good adhesion, good durability, also suitable for sliding chute. The grease is directly applied to the hinge gap, will slowly penetrate into the inside. Maintenance cycle of four to six months. Do not use oil or butter to replace the grease for lubricating oil is fluid, durability is not good, easy loss or low temperature, there will be harmful smell out of the volatile, vegetable oil will quickly rancid odor, loss of lubrication.
The performance of hinge lubrication requirements: (1) adhesion, good durability, resistance to low temperature freezing; (2) the color is colorless and transparent, prevent pollution; (3) from the environmental protection should be no harmful smell.
So the hinge / hinge must be lubricated with grease silencing effect, can not use any lubricating oil or butter instead of!
Wangrun high temperature grease Dongying Longhai Petrochemical Company Limited production, which is thickened with lithium complex soap multicomponent synthetic oil, and add the type of solid lubricant made with excellent adhesion, lubrication, chemical stability and oxidation stability of grease with high dropping point, solid wear-resisting material expands the application the product range and temperature range, can maintain good lubrication properties in -50-1100 temperature range, suitable for chemical, petrochemical, papermaking and auto industry, and wood plastic processing equipment. Also suitable for bolt connection, sliding bearing, linear guide rail, spline shaft, press fit bolt, pull head, discharge spark plug thread, flange seals, door hinge, brake system, plate spring, can effectively prevent slippery silk thread, card bit.

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