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Suggestion on grease for discharge machineAdd time:2017-02-12
"Cutting machine (unloader) handling equipment large quantities of sand, coal and other bulk materials commonly used in the construction project is unloading. Generally, it is intermittent or prominent, and the load changes, and even impact and vibration. Always run in the open air, dust, rain and snow and other adverse conditions, so the requirements for grease resistance, lubricity, anti adhesion properties, emulsifying properties and anti water performance. An example of the selection of grease used in common unloading machine:
The connecting rod connecting part Geneva: multi effect or general lithium calcium complex grease
Wheel hub bearing (rolling): multi effect general lithium grease or calcium complex grease
Thrust bearing: multi effect general lithium grease or calcium complex grease
Grease centralized lubricating parts: extreme pressure grease
Rack pinion and other open gear: extreme pressure grease
Rotary worm gear box: extreme pressure worm"