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Selection of industrial lubricating oil and antiwear hydraulAdd time:2017-01-04
Industrial lubricants, anti-wear hydraulic oil is used in various types of industrial machinery and equipment in order to reduce friction, protection of liquid lubricants machinery and parts, main lubrication, cooling, anti rust, cleaning, sealing and buffering effect. Lubricating oil accounted for 85% of all lubricating materials, a wide variety of brands, and now the world's annual consumption of more than 38 million tons.
The general requirements for lubricating oil:
1 reduce friction and wear, reduce friction resistance in order to save energy, reduce wear and prolong mechanical life, improve economic efficiency;
2 cooling, the requirements of the friction heat out of the machine at any time;
3 sealing, leakage proof, dust-proof, anti channeling gas;
4 corrosion and rust resistance, the need to protect the surface of the friction from oil deterioration or foreign erosion;
5 clean and wash, the need to clean out the friction area dirty;
6 stress dispersion buffer, distributed load and moderate shock and shock absorption;
7 kinetic energy transfer, hydraulic system and remote control motor and friction cvt.